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And though the laws all differ, there is one constant: It is almost universally legal for US players to gamble online with safe, regulated, offshore betting sites. Our guide will provide insight into the legal status and quality of the online gambling market both domestically and offshore, and how you can safely and legally navigate it, resulting in the most secure, enjoyable and lucrative online gambling experience possible. To that end, we’ve made it our mission to take you by the hand and explain, in layman’s terms, the legal gambling situation for each market in each state.

# Exchange Pair 24h Volume BNB Price Volume(%) +/-2% Depth Spread CL Rating ⚠ 1 Binance BNB/USDT $276,363,055 641,958 BNB $430.50 430.50 USDT 54.95% $2,571,233 $3,602,981 0.07% A 2 FTX BNB/USD $50,716,680 117,400 BNB $432.00 432.00 USD 10.08% $959,011 $972,321 0.02% A 3 Binance BNB/BTC $37,812,182 87,769 BNB $430.81 0.0098770 BTC 7.52% $2,102,941 $1,576,311 0.03% A 4 Gate BNB/USDT $33,095,582 76,901 BNB $430.37 430.37 USDT 6.58% $453,224 $484,845 0.00% A 5 FTX BNB/USDT $28,524,057 66,050 BNB $431.86 431.86 USDT 5.67% $1,752,184 $1,842,981 0.01% A 6 Bkex BNB/USDT $27,427,556 63,741 BNB $430.30 430.30 USDT 5.45% $1,029,863 $536,921 0.11% A 7 HitBTC BNB/BTC $17,891,818 41,535 BNB $430.76 0.0098817 BTC 3.56% $4,857,722 $2,765,230 0.04% A 8 Whitebit BNB/BTC $3,885,789 9,027 BNB $430.47 0.0098780 BTC 0.77% $1,340,384 $1,351,526 0.04% A 9 Coinsbit BNB/BTC $981,701 2,275 BNB $431.48 0.0098840 BTC 0.20% $219,120 $217,945 0.01% A 10 Whitebit BNB/USDT $4,480,504 10,412 BNB $430.31 430.31 USDT 0.89% $397,005 $413,531 0.05% A 11 Lbank BNB/USDT $10,454,076 24,295 BNB $430.30 430.30 USDT 2.08% $480,051 $395,614 0.13% A 12 Binance BNB/EUR $4,772,144 11,064 BNB $431.33 396.50 EUR 0.95% $367,857 $194,199 0.07% A 13 Coinsbit BNB/USD $377,440 875 BNB $431.40 431.40 USD 0.08% $112,191 $116,510 0.03% A 14 Binance AVAX/BNB $3,792,417 42,215 BNB $430.66 4.79 AVAX 0.75% $118,285 $99,894 0.07% A 15 FTX BNB/BTC $2,343,784 5,426 BNB $431.98 0.0098877 BTC 0.47% $825,221 $516,537 0.09% A See All Trading Pairs.

Binance Coin Price $430.86 Market Cap $71,867,420,786 Market Cap Rank 4 Trading Volume 24h $1,070,344,726 (-17.37)% Amount traded 24h 2,484,223 BNB's Circulating Supply 166,801,148 Total Supply 192,443,301 Max Supply 200,000,000 Market Cap Dominance 3.63% Trading Volume Dominance 0.68% All Time High $663.35 (10 Month Ago) Since All Time High - $232.50 (-35.05%) 24h Range $423.28 - $440.31 52 Week range $215.22 -$689.72 Bitcoin/Binance Coin Rate 1 BTC = 101.21 BNB Ethereum/Binance Coin Rate 1 BTC = 7.61 BNB.

imageUsers may redeem tokens at any time, although this will generally be more expensive than selling them on the Spot market, bitcoin and is not recommended during normal trading times. For which, trading or redemption fees will be charged to the user. Users of BLVTs may choose to exit their positions by selling the token into the Spot market or redeem them at the market value of its NAV.

In fact, BLVTs will only rebalance the positions as needed to maximize profitability on upswings, and minimize losses to avoid liquidation. In contrast, BLVTs are not forced to rebalance unless losses are extreme. This means that ‘normal’ fluctuations in the market will not cause rebalances, and the token value will maintain its correlation with the value of its underlying asset.

In the US, each state is empowered to draft its own gambling laws. What’s legal in one region may be illegal in another, and this lack of consistency often leaves American gamblers in the dark. There are literally hundreds of laws to navigate from sea to shining sea. To add to the inconsistency, legal online gambling is not addressed one way or the other in most individual state gambling laws. From brick-and-mortar casinos and poker rooms to retail and online sportsbooks and beyond, every local government has different rules and regulations regarding these markets.

imageThere will be no 'price gouging' or any kind - no BLVTs will be available for sale on the Binance marketplace outside of these strict price limits. Additionally, Binance guarantees that BLVTs will be always available for sale or purchase within 10% of the NAV .

When you go out, make sure to follow public health guidance—wash your hands, cover your cough or sneeze with your arm or a tissue, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, follow all the steps of physical distancing, wear your face covering, and stay home when ill.

We have info from Tue Jul 2017, the lowest rate was on Aug 2017, 4 years ago it worthed $0.100. The Best year in which value increased most was 2021 BNB value jumped from $37.36 to $689.72. The Worst year in which price declined from $13.73 to $6.61 is 2020.

De Binance Visa kaart, een betaalkaart voor cryptocurrencies, is nu verkrijgbaar in Europa, cryptocurrency waaronder Nederland. De Nederlandse tak van de bitcoin (BTC) beurs kondigt dit nieuws op 15 december aan via Twitter: Klanten van Binance zouden binnenkort hun fysieke betaalkaart moeten ontvangen, meldt het persbericht. Op de fysieke kaart zit een dagelijks bestedingslimiet van 8.700 euro en een dagelijkse opnamelimiet voor geldautomaten van 290 euro. Het nieuws valt samen met ondersteuning voor ethereum (ETH) voor de betaalkaarten. Ook kunnen klanten tot 2021 zonder additionele transactiekosten de kaart gebruiken. Een digitale versie van de kaart is al toegankelijk. Binance, een van de grootste cryptocurrency-exchanges ter wereld, is begonnen met het verzenden van de Binance Visa kaarten naar klanten in de Europese Economische Ruimte (ERR). Binance klanten kunnen nu ook de Visa kaart gebruiken om met ether te betalen:

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